Wednesday 12. 2.
18:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


It took a lot of effort for man to deal with the largeness, the appeal and the danger of the air space. To break loose from the ground means to break the ties. To take the control of one’s fascination by heights so it does not lead to doom. To look into the future… How safe is that? Is it supposed to be safe at all? Which ties to break? What is to be sacrificed for an illusion or for a vision?

Recommended age: +6 Duration: 50 minutes

Performer: Daniel Kvašňovský Supervisor: Pierre Nadaud Coach: Stéphanie N’Duhirahe Dramaturg: Karolina Ondrová Stage design: Daniel Kvašňovský Lightdesign: Jan Tranta Music: Hana Foss