Monday 10. 2.
20:00, Theatre Ponec
temporarily not available


STATIC combines Monki’s skills in double Chinese pole with live music and theatre. The result is a unique experience full of tranquil musical moments interspersed with explosive circus techniques. During the performance, Monki explores the space between and on top of the two poles, discovering new possibilities for his discipline. And without compromising on narrative power, by the way. In STATIC, time is central: giving time and taking time. But also the fascination of the current generation of thirty-somethings – Monki’s peers – with old-fashioned, inefficient technologies such as the record player or the Gameboy. Where does fascination end and unhealthy nostalgia begin? During his search, the audience take their seats around the stage, creating a closer connection with Monki and his special performance.

English speaking show Recommended age: +6 Duration: 60 minutes

Author performer: Benjamin MONKI Kuitenbrouwer The indispensable: Cathrine Lundsgaard Nielsen Production: Julia Simon Outside eye: Lucho Smit Friendly eyes: William Thomas, Louis Vanderhavebeke Light: Carine Gérard Technique: Carine Gérard, Alice Huc Costumes: Fanny Gautreau