Wednesday 23. 9.
22:00, Theatre bar
temporarily not available


Дeva /HU

Дeva is a fully DIY solo project by the 19 year old Budapest based musician, Dorina Takács. Music has always played a major role in her life (choirs, bands, and musicals) but she felt it’s time to take matters in her own hands and do everything on her own. She writes and produces her own tracks, and also sings and designs her artworks. Her features are atmospheric smooth sounds, pulsating bass lines and polyphonic mantras inspired by magical Hungarian folk songs. Her solo project aims to knock down barriers between different genres of music and make our spirits soar.

Iztok Koren /SL

Iztok Koren, otherwise known as a member of the imaginative folk trio Širom and the post-rock quartet ŠKM Banda, as well as formerly a member of the noise duo Hexenbrutal, performing with the folk punk terrorist singer-songwriter Dani Kavaš and the post-metal outfit Plüg – he is now back with his own solo project. He is inspired by contemplations on the possibilities of overcoming one’s own selfishness, stubbornness of emotions like anger, guilt and envy, Yi Jing and the endless dance between hope and the repetition of history. Iztok weaves his music like a spiderweb on a classical and modified banjo, with the occasional help of field recordings.