Sunday 14. 11.
Oscar Antoli + Petra Onderuf + Claudia Schwab a hosté + jamsession
21:00, Small hall
temporarily not available


Oscar Anatoli + Petra Onderuf In an unusual combination of violin and bass clarinet these two musicians are experimenting with the sound possibilities of these two instruments. They are using elements of traditional Anatolian, Balkan, Slovak and Spanish music and they blend it all together with a big portion of improvisation and musical interaction. Oscar’s roots are in Catalonia but through his musical journey and after studying jazz he embraced styles of Greek and Turkish music. Petra is from Slovakia where she had her contact with traditional Slovak music since she was a child and later she developed her musical expression by studying jazz and learning other musical traditions from the Mediterranean through India to Sweden. All these various influences are blent together in the unique sound of this duo.

Claudia Schwab
“crazy and yet strangely attractive” (froots magazine)

Born in the green heart of Austria – Styria, Claudia Schwab is an award-winning fiddle player, singer, yodeller and composer based on the West Coast of Ireland. Described as 'one of the most creative artists on the Irish music scene today' (Dr. Mel Mercier- Irish World Academy Limerick), Claudia amalgamates different traditions and styles, such as traditional Austrian, Irish, Classical Indian and Eastern European folk music, in her own, very unique way.