Monday 1. 11.
20:30, Theatre Jazz bar
temporarily not available


PLOY is a no-bass band from Prague, the Czech Republic, aimed at scaling up their personal renditions of what may be called „fusion“. Varied and crooked roots of musical traditions represent solid Newtonian rudiments for the trio’s excursions into the realm of quantum, noise, sound, lexical salad and babble. Authorial connotations blend a notorious folk tune with the atmosphere of the Reivers, a W. Faulkner novel. Another time a town’s anthem gets curved into hangoverish ambience as an aftermath of a toxic klatsch. Pop music pressed into a strychnine grin-about-face, jazz with additives of TNT. All the lurking discrapancies vanish rapidly under the weight of suggestive harmonies coated in sound samples, loops, swarming with solitary bugs and lice.

Mikuláš Čimbura – keys; Tom Braun – g, cello; Bohdan Karásek – dr, percs