Saturday 31. 7.
Roller Toaster Brass Band /FR
19:00, MÁJ 4th floor
temporarily not available


The Roller Toaster is an electro-pop brassband from Nantes, France. Consisting of a group of friends from the same school, they stopped engineering studies for one year to go on a full time musical trip around Europe. They take inspiration from french amateur brass bands, internationaly known ones and added their own twist. Their busking roots allowed them to gain enough confidence to perform not only on the street but also in pubs, nightclubs and festivals. This tour is the opportunity for the band to broaden its horizons by sharing musical moments with others. They have already collaborated with several european musicians, thus experimenting with various genres unknown to them such as jazz, RnB, experimental music, reggae… Thanks to all the human and musical experiences they have lived through during the past few months, they are able to produce captivating shows and bring happiness, musical vibes and a lot of energy to their audience.