Friday 18. 2.
Eliška Brtnická a kol. – Thin Skin (CZ)
20:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


The Cirkopolis final evening presents Eliška Brtnická, who has collaborated with Filip Zahradnický and Alžběta Tichá. Together they created a performance for the Akropolis Palace. Tender, surprising and imaginative!

It used to be a trapeze, it even used to be a juggling ball. Our object is a thin metal bar with a length of 3 meters. It behaves differently, it sways, springs, orbits . How does the body cope with this change? The movement slows down, the body distributes the weight and tries to stabilize. The bar soon responds to the movement of the body by changing its shape, thus creating new conditions of instability. Thin lines draw moving graphics in space, the performer is behind, becoming just an organic weight. This „intuitive physics“ demonstrates the most basic principles of being in the gravitational field of the earth. Satisfactory moments of stabilization versus instability as a physical and mental state that drives things forward. However, the linearity of time can only be an appearance.

Duration: 60 min Age: 6+

concept, direction: Eliška Brtnická, creation and performance: Bětka Tichá, Filip Zahradnický, Eliška Brtnická script: Viktorie Knotková sound design: Stanislav Abrahám light design: Filip Horn, Prokop Vondruška visual supervision: Dagmar Šubrtová choreography consultations: Markéta Vacovská, Hana Turečková, Ilona Jäntti material consultations: Prokop Vondruška process documentation: Kateřina Korychová photo: Jakub Hrab, Anna Benháková supported by: The City of Prague, Ministry of Culture, State fund of Culture, residency spaces – partners: KD Mlejn in Prague, Cirqueon, Diod in Jihlava