Saturday 14. 5.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available



Unfortunately Fink’s spring european tour is now cancelled. All tickets for the Prague show which was supposed to take place at Palác Akropolis 14th May 2022 will be refunded at point of purchase. Here is the artist’s statement:

Dear friends – we have made the difficult decision to cancel our European tour in the spring of next year, 2022. This is a very hard message for us to write, and believe us when we say it’s a conclusion we have not come to lightly. But after much deliberation we’ve realised that there’s no way of us effectively and safely undertaking such a big tour, to so many countries, while this pandemic rages on. We’re so sorry to everyone who has supported us and bought tickets; we sincerely hope we can one day make it up to you. Thanks also to our team who’ve already worked hard to try and make these shows happen. We’re going to use the time to try and make some new music, and we’ll be back as soon as we can. Love – Fin, Guy & Tim

Fink Greenall is an enthusiast. Rather more so than you might expect, in fact, from someone with more than ten albums under their belt. Whether he’s talking about his new re-recorded acoustic retrospective collection IIUII (“it isn’t until it is”) with accompanying book of music and life memories, about his childhood in the English West Country, or everything in between – and this is someone who’s lived a life and a half of hard graft and hard gigging in electronic music around Ninja Tune label, acoustic and even pop music already on the most famous clubs and festival stages around the world.