Tuesday 16. 11.
Teatro Matita /SLO The Hatchet
19:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


“Did you hear that? Martin Krpan, a chun farmer (well, smuggler) who was transporting salt (or better, the gunpowder) in the 19th century and with his sword (well, a hatchet) saved the Habsburg kingdom! It was a very cold day, on italian border…” Slovenian legend meets 5 actors and bunch of objects. They tear the story up and recreate it in the form of concert, playful comedy, object theatre and improvised passages. Inclusive fusion, where actors meet puppets, where rock meets folk, the postmodernism meets tradition and where the audience becomes part of bar “Pr Tauzlu”. There stories, with help of brandy (or two), easily reappear more alive than reality itself .