Monday 23. 10.
Teatro Matita /SI Harms Fault!
20:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Teatro Matita

Musician, puppeteer, actor and director as well as puppetry proffesor, festival organiser and activist. In his works he closely connects music and theatre, and therefore his concerts often turn into interactive theatre performances, or his puppet shows become musical compositions. With his accordion and suitcase full of puppets he travelled the globe, experiencing venues as extreme as prisons, ashrams, people's bedrooms or big halls of international festivals. So far he was awarded over 20 times.

Apart from his solo shows, he also directs in theatres. He established Teatro Matita in 2002 after completing his studies at Bruno Leone’s traditional Italian hand puppet school in Naples (Italy). He teaches puppet students on Theatre academies (DAMU in Prague) and gives workshops on this theme and on puppet animation for adults and children.

Harms Fault!

Czech premiere of a hot new work by the well-known Slovenian puppeteer Matija Solce. The new solo performance by Matija Solce, „Harms Fault!“, combines object-based theater of the absurd with a live concert. Just as in the 1930s, when one of the last representatives of Russian avant-garde, Daniil Harms, embodied the idealistic artistic struggle through his works, the creators of this show, a hundred years later, provoke contemporary stereotypes with absurd situations of falling grandmothers. In the end, everyone is going to die. But they’ll die in style.

With the poetics of object theatre, grotesque vocal passages, as well as refined animation of soft, partly realistic puppets, the actor seeks humorous situations that conveys the issues of the present time in an ironic and gentle way and criticizes social norms.