Friday 13. 10.
PAST + BERLIN MANSON /SK + Andrea Dare & Brigitte Noir b2b
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


One of the highlights of this year's PULZ concert series. Two duos – Slovak Berlin Manson and Czech P/\ST – will dominate the main hall of Akropolis Palace. Arterparty by Andrea Dare and Brigitte Noir b2b.


Last year they provided one of the wildest concerts of the first year of the PULZ series. After selling out the Small Stage, Dan Kranich and Ivo Sedláček will now head to the Main Stage. The P/\ST duo has been combining alternative rap with metal and theatricality for over four years. From the very first show, they have always been a guarantee of energy and an irrepressible concert experience. In addition, they have a new album TINNITUS out, led by the lively title track, which will not be missing during the show at Akropolis Palace.

Berlin Manson

„I'm not dancing, I'm just nodding my head, And pretending I'm not interested,“ the Slovakian duo Berlin Manson bellow on their debut record „Život končí keď máš trinásť“. Patrik Nagy and Adam Dragun are among the main Slovak discoveries of last year. They made the audience nod their heads at Pohoda festival in Trenčín and many Czech clubs sway. The combination of post-punk bleakness, hard electronics and rap aesthetics captures the rising name of the club scene that you need to experience live. And their plans for the future? Another EP, a break-up and a reunion.

We'll be announcing the name of the artist who will be handling the after party soon. Behind the dramaturgy of the PULZ series at Akropolis Palace is music publicist and Radio 1 presenter Vojtech Tkáč. The evening will take place in cooperation with Akropolis Underground.

This concert is supported by Liveurope. Liveurope is the first pan-European initiative to support concert clubs in their efforts to host concerts by emerging European artists. Liveurope is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union