Thursday 22. 6.
IAMYANK /HU - Hudební rezidence 22-26.6.
17:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


The Hungarian musician Iamyank will spend a few days in Akropolis Palace preparing his new show in cooperation with the technical staff of our club. The result of this musical residency will be presented for the first time on 25 June in our Great Hall.

Iamyank is a constantly surprising artist and producer who always manages to amaze and always comes up with new creative approaches… From electronic music to classical to dark post-metal and cinematic noise-ambient.

„Blast beats, devastating bass and endless electronic waves. A perfect rumble that shows how heavy music can be in an experimental sense.“- Under the Radar UK

„This power will literally take your breath away.“ –

„Half an hour of micro-miracles.“ – Telekom Electronic Beats

„Behold, he is no stranger to any instrument, he is an extraordinary composer.“ – KERET

„One of the fastest emerging composers and producers.“ –

After ten years of playing drums in ska bands, iamyank decided to study music production at the most prestigious electronic music school, imPro. Today he is himself the main teacher at this school. He began his career as a DJ and remixer, but quickly made a name for himself with the release of his first EP Cold Summer in 2013 and subsequent success with the City of Nobody EP in 2014. His third EP Lost Sounds in 2015 was paired with the exciting Adventures of Poco Eco, which won international awards for both the game and the music.

In 2016, he released his first full-length album, Hiraeth, which was an important milestone in his career. Gradually, he began experimenting with ambient music and started performing with a three-piece band to promote the album. Their concerts became an integral part of all major music festivals in Hungary and they also toured Poland. In 2019, he was asked to compose an anthem for the Valley of Arts festival together with Veronika Harcsa, a world-renowned jazz singer. He was also given the opportunity to compose for a large orchestra on the main stage. He performed at the Palace of Arts in Budapest with Lubomir Melnyk and recorded a live album for piano and strings at the CAFe Budapest Festival. His compositions have appeared in the HBO series Aranyélet, and he composed the final theme song for the series Besú.

The project is realized with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture.