Sunday 29. 10.
Ferst Dadler ►ˈkonfɛrɛnt͡sɛ
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available



a performance with Ferst Dadler & Loré Lixenberg

In the life of Ferst Dadler, priority has been given to creativity, to relationships and to the agency of ephemeral things such as sound and movement. Creativity as a way of building relationships between humans and non-humans and developing our own self-awareness. This fosters connection. And it is the connection with our own identity that allows us to face up to the responsibilities we have to others and to the context. Let's think about social practices.

Following their collaboration in the piece Repuplica Františsšsšsšsš, in this performance at AKROPOLIS, Ferst Dadler continues the deep dive into social practice with the outstanding mezzo-soprano and composer Loré Lixenberg in the performance ˈkonfɛrɛnt͡sɛ. An exploration that is at once intimate and poetic, ironic and uncanny, a research into the imaginaries that underpin our political selves, the staging of world-making activity.

In a landscape of quick opinions and flattened categories, ˈkonfɛrɛnt͡sɛ is imagination, drive, experimentation, curiosity, the courage to think through practice, to surprise beyond language and definitions. A possible ecology.

This is not a tragedy of the life of today. Ferst Dadler and Loré Lixenberg invite you into a space where bugs, plants, flowers, people and objects are equal and interdependent, and their positions are fluid.

Concept, dramaturgy, performance, choreography, music, scene and objects: Loré Lixenberg, Elia Moretti, Inga Zotová-Mikshina, Roman Zotov-Mikshin

Light design: Jiří Šmirk