Monday 18. 12.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


The second year of the Pulz concert series will be closed by the band Mutanti hledaj východisko. They will be launching their new album at the Akropolis Palace before Christmas. They will be joined on stage by a number of guests, the whole evening will be opened by musician Dmitrievna.

Mutanti heldaj východisko

Where the road ends and the forest begins, still leaning against the trees is a small wooden cottage. And that's where Jirka and Honza lived. All alone. Mutants tell stories that flit around the edges of the field of vision and delve into themselves. The duo has a Vinyl Award and three successful albums to date, the latest of which is titled „Když máš kamarády, nepotřebuješ přátelé“ and became famous mainly for the hit „Klimeš“. But now Mutants are presenting a brand new album and decided to present it in Prague's Akropolis Palace. They invited several secret guests to the show.


An artist named Dmitrievna has appeared on Pulz in the past. This time, at the request of the Mutants, she will return to the Akropolis Palace to open the evening. With her songs and eye-catching visuals, the musician has captivated club stages and festival stages across Europe. On her debut full-length album Parazit last year, Dmitrievna showed how Czech techno-pop with an international edge can sound. Get ready for socially engaged lyrics and thunderous synths.

Marie Pravda

When Marie Pravda settles into a DJ booth she’s there to spark some chemistry with those willing to embrace it. While she is perfectly capable of generating similar energy into her recordings for the online world, it’s the endless push & pull with the physical crowd that charges her selection and mixing.

The concerts will be followed by an afterparty in cooperation with Akropolis Underground. Vojtěch Tkáč, music publicist and Radio 1 presenter, is behind the dramaturgy of the Pulz series at Palac Akropolis.