Friday 9. 2.
TONGU (Paříž)
18:00, ostatní lokace - Paříž
temporarily not available


The newly established cooperation between the Czech Centres and the Akropolis Palace aims to support trips of domestic artists abroad. The selection of bands follows the series by Michal Nejtek called „Jazz Nejtek Selection“, which you can also listen to right here at Žižkov.

The band's music grows out of various roots, which intertwine – with the help of a certain amount of improvisation – into new structures. What emerges is a living mass, an as yet unidentifiable entity, a sinewy organ wrapping the mind and heart (TONGU). What is to come, we do not know. The antennae are set. He who has ears, hear.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture, the National Regeneration Plan and the European Union – Next Generation EU.