Friday 20. 10.
TOF /BE In the workshop
20:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available



The Tof Théâtre was born in 1987 on the initiative of Alain Moreau and on the occasion of the creation of the show „Le Tour du Bloc“. Originally created for adults, this show has been performed more than 500 times for both adults and children around the world. Always at the center of the shows are the puppets, which can vary from 5 centimeters to 5 meters in height. Sometimes the productions are aimed at adults only, other times at children and often at both together.

Tof perverts the traditional techniques of manipulation and offers the puppeteer to the gaze of the spectator by manipulation on sight.

In the workshop

A short wacky performance as a sort of preamble to inviting the audience, both children and adults, to try their hand at making their own puppets. Eighteen crazy minutes to recount the mishaps of a puppet under construction who decides to make a stab at finishing up the job himself…. Eighteen minutes during which the character struggles with the elements, with the material, the objects, and sometimes even with the manipulators themselves, to the point of tyrannizing them….

A show for adults and children from 8 years old and up.