Saturday 21. 10.
Cie Pelele /ESP /FR The catastrophic courtship of Don Cristobal
20:00, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Cie Pelele

Company Pelele creates engaging, energetic performances that invite you into a world full of surprises, magic and absurd situations, in which puppets play the main role. Music and all sound effects are always created live, right on the spot. The quality of work with puppets, rhythm and comedic tension is in the first place for the group. Pelele is an international company performing throughout Europe, but also in Quebec, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Part of the ensemble is the Spanish puppeteer Paz Tatay, who has been creating exclusively with string puppets since 1988, Marie de Nazelle, who has been working with puppets since 2002 and Christophe Sabatié, a musical multi-instrumentalist who has been working with Pelele since 2007.

The catastrophic courtship of Don Cristobal

Don Cristobal, an old solitary misanthrope, lives happily surrounded by his fortune. But a dream haunts his otherwise tranquil nights: who is this mysterious woman? Don Cristobal sets off in search of her in a frantic quest. Where will the tortuous paths of love lead him? Will he find happiness? Will he be able to overcome the inevitable traps of his destiny? Come and discover what happens in this new episode of Don Cristobal!