Tuesday 30. 1.
20:20, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Party in Prague begins. The third edition of the Pulz concert series will be opened by the musicians Mat213 and Zdena. The afterparty will be hosted by a bro- DJ duo called Perfect Workout. The entire crew of the Swag podcast will be shining on stage Palác Akropolis.


„Pretty for 1000 views, funny for 1000 views, everything for 1000 views,“ sings Matěj Čech on his debut album Party in Prague. But he has long since crossed that threshold under the pseudonym Mat213. Apart from the Apollo Award for his single 7teen, he is currently one of the most entertaining concert musicians in the Czech Republic. His digital songwriting and anxiously cheerful dance music will be heard for the first time at the Akropolis Palace.


„I have a comedy show, but I would trade everything for true love,“ Zdena sings on his latest EP, on which he sings in Czech for the first time. The co-creator of the Swag podcast has found a particular musical position between minimalist production and lo-fi rap. One of his first live shows featuring fresh tracks like HBO Max will kick off this year's Pulse series.

Perfect Workout

Perfect Workout will close the evening at Akropolis Underground. Brother DJ duo Omar and Samir have been performing together at Prague events for a couple of years now. They are part of the Pink Party Squad collective and you may know them both from the Swag podcast. Look forward to EDM, hardstyle, eurodance and a load of pleasantly bizarre samples.

The event is in collaboration with Akropolis Underground. Behind the dramaturgy of the Pulse series at Akropolis Palace is music publicist and Radio 1 moderator Vojtěch Tkáč.