Friday 5. 4.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


XCES full band

Modular band/art collective bringing an audiovisual spectacle of post-genre age with emphasis on topics such as information overload, social alienation through media, meme culture, meta-irony and AI. Their debut „IT'S HAPPENING“ drifts through electronica, doom metal, experimental rap, poetry, soundscape up to noise territory, while this polystylism seems to present itself in equal parts both as a tribute and a parody.

In the band form (drums, bass, guitar, vocals, electronics, DIY instruments), they l present their debut as a conceptual whole, supported by programmed light show, visuals and their own meticulously crafted live sound engineering. You can look forward to a genre-free, emotionally unhinged, and visually/acoustically highly pressurized dystopian experience.


sn0rk/acid trap Duo from Wroclaw, Poland. Music of group is infouented by dark electronic, synthwave, noise or techno on the one hand, but is also by sacral and traditional music from slavic countries. Since beginning the group is performing a lot od countries on the alternative clubs and festivals od whole Europe. Group is part of TROPY art collective which deals with glitch art and reveals inspiration in brutalistic architecture.

Body of Pain

EBM. Vampires. Pain. Tenderness. Body of Pain embodies it all. Tereza Ovčačíková and Jan Vytiska together represent not only the blackest musician duo in Prague, but also a band you should see live at least once. Dark electronic tracks with apathetic vocals are best played in darkened clubs.

Frau Zwei

They are the reincarnation of the original Frau Frankenstein und Spüllboy from Brno. The instrumental component of Frau Frankenstein was based on fast dance styles like free tekno, DNB, breakcore or digital hardcore. Frau Zwei doesn't hesitate to slower tempos, doesn't try to be boosted at any price and also experiments with a much larger variety of styles such as techno, punk, hardcore, screamo, lo-fi, chiptune etc. In June 2021 they released their debut LP „There's No One Behind the Door“ under Korobushka records. In March 2023 they will release the EP „Dakota 38“ under the Psychedelic Umami label. The afterparty will take place at the Small Hall in cooperation with Akropolis Underground.

New music series called „woodoo“ presents bands through genres such as post-punk, garage-rock, noise-rock, shoegaze, electronic, doom metal and experimental „woodoo“ rap—floating somewhere between them and beyond them.

This concert is supported by Liveurope. The first EU-wide initiative to support concert clubs in their efforts to host concerts by emerging European artists. Liveurope is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.