Saturday 19. 10.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Tinnitus says get up and go! The second of two autumn concerts of the band P/\ST in Prague's Akropolis Palace. The programme will be accompanied by two legendary names of Czech rap – Vladimir 518 and Sifon.


You would hardly find a band with more lively concerts than P/\ST. As part of the Pulz series, they have already managed to sell out the Small Stage and a year later the Great Hall of the Akropolis Palace. Now the duo returns with the biggest double bill of their existence so far. Rapper Dan Kranich and instrumentalist Ivo Sedlacek will blow up Žižkov away with their last year's album Tinnitus, led by the hit Fivuza market. On the second of the October concerts, P/\ST will be joined by two distinctive personalities of Czech rap. Get ready to moshpit. Red in front of the eyes, self-destruction mode!

Vladimir 518 & Sifon

Two irreplaceable personalities of Czech hip hop. Two different approaches and views on rap. Vladimir 518 is a rapper, artist, writer and member of the band PSH. Sifon is the main voice of WWW Neurobeat, one of the first hip hop groups in the Czech Republic. Sifon collaborated with Vladimir as a producer on the album Idiot, but their paths have crossed countless times since the beginning of the millennium. In the studios, on stage and off. At Palác Akropolis, the pair will present their special show, which you can see live only very rarely. The city, the jungle, the city, the forest!

Vojtěch Tkáč, music journalist and Radio 1 presenter, is behind the dramaturgy of the Pulz series at the Palác Akropolis. The evening will take place in cooperation with Akropolis Underground.