Sunday 21. 1.
21:00, Small hall
temporarily not available


XCES liveset

XCES is a modular band/art collective bringing an audiovisual spectacle of post-genre age with emphasis on topics such as information overload, social alienation through media, meme culture, meta-irony and AI. Their debut „IT'S HAPPENING“ drifts through electronica, doom metal, experimental rap, poetry, soundscape up to noise territory, while this polystylism seems to present itself in equal parts both as a tribute and a parody.

XCES liveset is one of the forms of the collective, duo consisting of Tomo Michalčák and Štefan Tomko, based principially on vocals, guitar and electronics.They play some tracks from the debut „IT'S HAPPENING“ and also new tracks as well as remixes/mashups/covers and extensive jamming/experimentation…all in a similar spirit of post-genre, emotionally heightened, ironically undermined, acoustically pressurized and all exclusive only within this format.

Black Dot

Two well known artists Christian Kroupa alias Alleged Witches from Slovenia and Jasmin alias Le Chocolat Noir from Croatia. Driven by hopelessness of the power structures from the future, united with a deep-rooted desire to fight against institutions, escaping into the cosmos but also dive into isolation. In addition to the two records that have been released so far on the Slovenian label KRI and Berlin's Mechatronica, they were also on the VA editions by the labels Marguerite from Milan and Osare! Editions from London, a label run by Elena Colombi. With oscillations between EBM and electro, they have already left a sweat on the dance floors in Ljubljana, Zagreb and one of the coolest festivals in the region, Butik. Dave Clarke, Helena Hauff, The Hacker, Adrian Marth with Italo Moderni and many others often include them in their DJ sets and radio podcasts.

New music series called „woodoo“ presents bands through genres such as post-punk, garage-rock, noise-rock, shoegaze, electronic, doom metal and experimental „woodoo“ rap—floating somewhere between them and beyond them.

This concert is supported by Liveurope. The first EU-wide initiative to support concert clubs in their efforts to host concerts by emerging European artists. Liveurope is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.