Friday 4. 10.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Axel Thesleff is a Finnish electronic artist and music producer who has gained popularity for his innovative sound and genre-defying music. His breakout hit „Bad Karma“ has amassed over a billion streams across various platforms, making him a preeminent artist in the industry with worldwide recognition. He is also known as a pioneer in the World Bass genre, recognized for seamlessly blending the melodic nuances of the East and West into a harmonious symphony.

As his career has progressed, Axel has continued to push the boundaries of electronic music, exploring new sounds and structures and masterfully blending different genres. As a result, his music creates intellectually stimulating and vivid soundscapes that transport listeners to other worlds. Moreover, it is emotionally resonant, reflecting Axel's ability to translate his understanding of the human condition into sound.

Axel's creativity extends beyond musical creation, as he engages with his fans through various audio-visual projects on his YouTube channel. His music videos showcase his creativity, innovation, and commitment to producing visually captivating content. For example, the 30-minute film, Two Worlds (Audio Visual EP) tells a visually stunning concept story that comprises five videos that delve into duality, determinism, existentialism, and the human condition. Furthermore, his cinematic music video for 2 Down was nominated for several international awards and won the Best Music Video award at the Rome Prisma Film Awards and the Montreal Independent Film Festival. The video tells the story of a nomadic woman's journey backpacking through Finland's surreal landscape, reflecting on her turbulent relationship with her daughter.

Axel's exceptional talent shines through in his live performances, featuring a unique blend of digital percussions, keytar, and electronic mallets. His inventive style, expert use of gear, improvisational skills, and ability to blend electronic beats with live instrumentation create an immersive and engaging experience.

Axel's innovative spirit as a video creator comes alive through his Studio Live video concept, where he showcases his musical talent by performing electronic music live. His video concepts revolve around a specific song or a more extensive live set, shot in diverse locations such as the Helsinki Ice Hall, a mountain top, an island in a Finnish archipelago, an outdoor ice skating rink, and many others. Notable works include Arena Live (2020), Mountain Live, and Island Live, parts 1 to 5.

If you're an electronic music lover or admire musical virtuosity, Axel Thesleff's live performance is a show you don’t want to miss.