Saturday 5. 10.
19:30, Big Hall
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Trumpet player Nils Petter Molvær arrives with the album Stitches (2021)

Trumpet player Nils Petter Molvær combines first-class jazz with trip-hop, drum'n'bass and samples. His music marked an epochal breakthrough in the production of the elite ECM label, which released it in a remix version. He comes to Prague with the album Stitches, which he recorded with his quartet and which was largely created during the pandemic. Still, the album sounds fluid and organic and proves that collaboration and artistic vision can overcome isolation and distance. The final track is the first cover version Molvær has ever done – a stunning version of Radiohead's „True Love Waits“.

His recordings with leading Scandinavian musicians as well as Elvin Jones, Gary Peacock and George Russell are well known to the jazz community, but NPM also has a vast experience in rock and dance music. His first solo album, Khmer, a unique fusion of jazz, electronic landscapes and rhythmic loops, generated a huge wave of public and media interest. It won a Norwegian Grammy and the German Gramophone Critics' Award. The hallmark of Nills Petter Molvær is the sound of a trumpet with a choke, inspired by Miles Davis recordings from the 70s and 80s.