Saturday 9. 3.
DJ Counselling /UK + Tom VR /UK
21:00, Bike Jesus
temporarily not available


Spectaculare_11 presents London based DJ Counselling and Tom VR

Spectaculare festival is bringing the current London house music sound to Bike Jesus. On 9 March, the infamous Štvanice venue will welcome a pair of British electronic producers with a focus on intelligent dance electronic music. London's underground club persona DJ Counselling music is categorised as outsider house and his tracks are among the most listened to on Spotify club music playlists. Tom VR produces uninhibited electronica full of emotion often compared to the work of Four Tet. Both artists will perform live sets and will be accompanied by current local talents.

The London-based musician, performing most recently under the name DJ Counselling, has a quarter of a century in the underground club scene, but after a bad experience in the music industry five years ago he decided to leave his old career behind and start from scratch again. That's also why he chose the somewhat ironic name, which translates to „consulting“. Since then he has been releasing great records by outsider house music and doing it when he wants and in whatever format he wants. His biggest success so far has been with the Tomorrow's World EP, which has been loved by everyone from Laurent Garnier to Martin Garixx and scored points on Beatport.

„When I make music, I'm always looking for a certain feeling. The feeling I had when I used to record radio shows in the 90s and then listen to them on my walkman in the park the next day and feel like I'm listening to music that comes from outer space,“ says DJ Counselling. Despite his low-profile presentation, his tracks are getting a lot of hits online. His single Cool Air was included in Spotify's „Best Electronic Songs of 2021“.

Tom VR honed his sound in seclusion for over a decade before he decided to release something. But he already caught attention with his 2017 debut Frisson, and has since released several EPs and an album, Please Keep Shimmering. His most recent release so far is the Heart Can Still Somersault EP on Ghostly International/Spectral Sound. According to the Resident Advisor website, Tom VR has „a flair for genre-crossing dance electronics that shimmers and shakes like the works of a young Kieran Hebden (Four Tet)“. It's no surprise that Tom VR's recordings have been favoured not only by Four Tet but also by Ben UFO, Bicep and Avalon Emerson. On March 9th, Tom VR will make his Czech premiere at Bike Jesus alongside DJ Counselling.