Thursday 12. 12.
19:30, Big Hall
temporarily not available


Three recognizable names of underground rap. THC Luna G and Gondor Flames will play for the first time at Palác Akropolis. Slovak rapper Edúv Syn will return with his solo show.

Edúv Syn

No future, although it could. He has already appeared on the stages of Palác Akropolis several times – for example, alongside people like Berlin Manson, Fvck_kvlt or OGMiaG. Now Matej Myslovič a.k.a Edúv Syn returns with a full solo show as part of the Pulz series. The Slovak musician and multimedia artist based in Prague is one of the rising underground stars who mix rap with punk aesthetics. Edúv Syn's lyrics are strictly against consumerism, homophobia and social aggression. This is evidenced by all of his singles this year, but also by last year's „Projekt 2023“, on which he gave space to interesting Slovak and Czech female rappers.

Gondor Flames

From the single „Zajetí 8 bytů“ to Žižkov will head the collective Gondor Flames. The Prague rap group has been moving the walls of underground clubs since 2017. The Czech country's sense of humour and nostalgia complements the dark and dirty sound. At the forefront of the Gondor Flames label are the Polák brothers, musicians and fans of the Lord of the Rings – Martin a.k.a Kurt, Kryštof a.k.a. The Minion and David as Rashid Bok. Their lyrics are full of Prague realities, social activism and unexpected pop culture references. This is the first time the experimental trio will perform at the Akropolis Palace. You can look forward to tracks from last year's EP so long, kalypsó.

THC Luna G

A budding soundcloud clan that raps. In their brass kettles, they mix bars in addition to combustibles. In their lyrics, they engage in a blunt but honest critique of contemporary politics and the related struggle for equality in the fields of ecology, sexuality and other weedy playgrounds of capitalism. Their flows are as diverse as the group itself, but if there is one thing they agree on, it is the desire to make mischief and mess, which is also manifested in their experimental approach to different genres.

Vojtěch Tkáč, music publicist and Radio 1 moderator, is behind the dramaturgy of the Pulz series at Palác Akropolis. The evening will be held in collaboration with the Akropolis Underground, where the afterparty will take place.