Do you love travelling? You can learn about foreign lands from the safety of Palác Akropolis. You will get acquainted with the culture of our foreign neighbours during an evening – with your ears, eyes and tastebuds. 

Planet Connection brings to Palác Akropolis thematic evenings with culture from foreign lands and different perspectives. The highlight of each evening is always a concert of a foreign music group with short movies, photos, travel debates, dance shows, tasting of the traditional cuisine or an after party with DJs. Planet Connection offers a programme that allows you to familiarize yourself with the different countries of the world with all five senses.



 “Hanne played the best from her last three CDs. Her beautiful voice caresses us in her softest songs or ruffled in the harder bits. Laptop remembered everything what the guitar, cello, saxophone, clarinet, flute and many other acoustic instruments (including untraditional such as typewriter or tin percussion) told him. The whole concert had characteristic precise sound where each little detail is important, each cling of chimes. That is why we left all songs to finish, enjoying its fragile atmosphere. We gave Hanne standing ovation after each song, she deserved i for sure. It was very pleasing.”



 “DJ and the producer Camilo Lara was introduced within the Planet Connection series and he mixed west dance floor with hip-hop and latino, especially cumbia style, according to our expectations. The whole evening had a lecture first and an after party. Mexican soirée!”



“The night with Balanescu quartet was a night of many faces. They were all alluring and delicate, either the electronic or folk. Thank God for Planet Connection. I send a kiss to the script editor.”



“A relationship between audience and the artist was building with every song and the response measurable with every applaud was regular proof. The concert was flawless.”